Social Media Optimization- The best Guide till date

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization or SMO is the process of optimizing the company’s digital presence. It is the best way to increase social listening about an organization. From what a brand is providing in terms of products to what is the vision of the brand, every message of what is happening within the scope of the brand can reach its audience with the help of Social Media Optimization.

When digital marketing started gaining momentum, two new terms came into a highlight. One is SEO, search engine optimization, and another one is Social Media Optimization. Tough SEO is only concerned with increasing the traffic of the website, SMO is much more than only driving traffic.

Social Media Optimization draws the following results if used effectively with SEO

  • Increase social engagement among all the social media platforms.
  •  A positive impact on reach and overall insights of the brand’s accounts.
  • Create a social listening for brands.
  • Social media toolkit can help to make the best content strategy
  • Brands can have a close look at Social Media Monitoring
  • Drive organic growth with amazing results in long term.

Strategies for Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is a cakewalk if brands use it wisely to establish a connection with their audience and customers. From listening to what they have to say about the particular brand, to providing the best value to them, it all boils down to catering to the expectations of its customers.

The best idea is to create a social media planner to post and engage consistently with the customers. Social media management tools can help you draft the best social media campaign for your brand.

These 5 hacks can save your brand’s life in the world of Digital Marketing

  1. Account Optimization –  We all know how much important it is for a brand to have a social media account in this digital world. But it is not just enough nowadays if you are running your account without keeping in mind the hacks of optimization, there are high chances that your efforts will go in vain. Some important steps for the same are to, make a social media content planner, engage with your audience frequently, Create a campaign while launching a new product and build a personal connection with your audience.
  1. Search Optimization – After figuring out the content you want to put out for your audience, you must see if the quality content is reaching your audience or not. For that social search, optimization can help you reach your target audience.  From optimizing the brand name, user name, Social bios to including relevant keywords and hashtags for your business, you can stand out easily among the competitors in your industry. For Example – Choosing the User name which can speak for the motto of your brand, writing clear objectives in bio, and using relevant hashtags in content.
  1. Post Optimization – While the hacks are useful when we look at the combined reach of the account. But for a particular post to stand out, it is important to put out the best content with every single post. This makes sure, that the audience connects to the brand specifically and not just with brand personality. For this hack, you can create a hashtag bucket. It can help you post some hashtags that are general and some post-specific hashtags. Post Optimization includes adding post-specific hashtags, places and writing clear copies.
  1. Link Optimization- Linking to credible websites is a lot more impactful than being just for ethical purposes. It drives traffic from other websites too. It does not mean you should link irrelevant websites in your content. Be mindful of linking to content that is performing well. What kind of content is relevant to your customer’s choices and behavior will help you to plan your overall marketing strategies.
  1. Performance Optimization- Overall performance, is the key factor while deciding the metrics of long-term growth. Performance optimization includes preparing reports of the overall performance of the brand in every aspect. From finding the best performing content among various platforms to identifying KPI where you can improve, this is the most important step of Social Media Optimization.

What’s the key takeaway

 Make these 6 steps as the guideline for optimizing your social media platforms today. But remember, to establish any kind of branding for your business, you should aim for putting out only quality content with a lot of consistency.

Consistency is the game changer when it comes to results. Though the numbers speak a lot, the quality matters in equal proportion. But Social Media Optimization is not the only thing when it comes to creating a brand name for your business. SEO with the right techniques and SMO together will work magic for your brand.

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Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization
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