What is digital PR and communication?

What is digital PR and communication?

PR or Public relations is the process of establishing a relationship between Organisations and the Public. And the relationship thus defines the scope of communication in Public Relations!

 Traditional PR – The old man

Traditional PR is mainly concerned with creating brand awareness and building brand image via Print media, television, radio, and newspapers. The end goal is to create a brand image in the minds of the target audience and potential customers.

With time the concept of Traditional PR evolved in Digital PR, though they are not similar in the process of execution and techniques, the end goal remains the same.

What is digital PR and communication
What is digital PR and communication?

Then What exactly is digital PR?

As mentioned above the end goal of Digital PR is also to create a brand image and awareness among the target audience, but what makes it different from traditional PR is that it is focused on the online world of marketing.

Digital PR includes marketing techniques that are focused on creating a brand’s online presence. The several aspects of Digital PR include driving traffic, brand engagement with the audience and customers, getting backlinks from credible websites that ultimately leads to an increase in sales and brand promotion.

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Why Communication is the essence of Digital PR?

Creating awareness about the brand name and its work is the very first thing that needs to be done, for any PR team. It starts with creating a target audience that acts as a base to execute the online campaigns. And therefore communication is the key to leading the way for the PR team to achieve the end goals.

What is digital PR and communication
What is digital PR and communication?

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Is Digital PR just a fancy word for Link building?

Let us not forget the never-ending discussion about the concept of Digital PR and its worthiness in the world of Content Marketing. Be it marketers, content marketers, founders, or video creators every one uses Digital PR to introduce their content and products to their ultimate audience. If it were just to be another word for Link building why people are taking it so seriously?

Remember when John Mueller quoted: I love some of the things I see from digital pr, it’s a shame it often gets bucketed with the spammy kind of link building. It’s just as critical as tech SEO, probably more so in many cases.

So why the buzz, let’s discuss below!

To make it simple, while SEO is a technique to achieve organic growth for any business, Digital PR is a strategy that needs to be complemented with SEO  to achieve the required results.

While SEO assures the organic reach of the content in the online world, Digital PR keeps in check the relevance of the content. Gone are the days when organizations used to pay for the links to just prove their worth to Google. With time Google has literally become a smart bee.

And you need to do a lot more than just get more and more backlinks to stay relevant in the digital world. Remember link building and trust-building are two wholly different things.

What is digital PR and communication
What is digital PR and communication

What is the story?

Digital PR came into the limelight after the introduction of the Penguin update by Google back in 2012, before that it was all about paying for links and getting the rank. But after Google started penalizing brands, Digital  PR came into play to save the world of brands and agencies.

But agencies continue doing everything they can to earn more and more backlinks, without thinking about the relevance of the brand and its content to the linking sites. Google stopped penalizing brands and people found a way to links again!

But the real meaning of Digital PR and PR teams that took communicating the vision and values of their clients to their audience helped the concept of Digital PR to make a mark in the world of content marketing.

Educating the audience and building a perception that is aligned with the values of the brand has become the most important task of the Digital PR teams and agencies. Though the focus is still around just SEO, finally people are understanding that both SEO and Digital PR are important and one alone can not make a brand stand out in the business world.

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What’s the way ahead?

The Content Marketing Industry has seen a significant push and demand in the last two years and the future looks bright for Digital PR when mixed with effective SEO techniques.

Though the focus of marketers will always be on number and engagement, the shift has been in the way brands perceive Digital PR. They want to involve and adapt more and more growth forced campaigns in terms of impact and not just ranking and numbers.

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