How to optimize email

How to optimize email marketing to get desired results in 2022

How to optimize email

Is email an art?
It works even hen you don’t spend a lot of time on it or treat it as an art form. Marketers leave so much on the table in terms of revenue. As an art form, the amount of things one can do with this channel is incredible. The way technology has changed, is really enabling us to take things to the next level. It is helping build relationships with people through marketing channels.

How do we start?
It starts with understanding people. It involves having ruthless inquisitiveness to understand what people need. Most email marketers are too focused on their own goals and objectives. When you start to put the needs of the people first is when you start seeing results.
We have a lot of information available out there. It can help us understand the needs and wants of our customers and potential customers. The idea is to have a relevant dialogue with prospects and customers in the inbox rather than just jumping to – this is our business goal.

It is so easy to do it with digital marketing. It is about being human. Email is a two-way marketing channel. It is not just about hitting the send button. It is about listening to what people do and what they don’t do. You cant play a game of chess by yourself because it would be boring. You move a piece and they move apiece individually. This is where the opportunity lies in listening to what happened there.

How to understand people and improve our emails?
It fails when we try to implement all the changes on a tactical basis. We try to do it here and there. Marketers also take a strategic route where they plan things and run experiments to see what works. But marketers need to dive with both feet in, on a cultural level. Email Marketing is about developing a culture for it to thrive.

People are very much interested in reading your email when there are 3 core components of content. Every single content should have a descriptive headline that is short, a proposition in essence which is one or two lines of copy, and a descriptive call to action. There are no graphics in your framework because you don’t need it to here to explain your point. People are unconsciously engaged with the image and consciously engaged with the copy. If you take one of the core components away, the conversion drops drastically. You can hold the attention for a longer time when all 3 core components are used.

Email is not meant to tell the whole story. It is meant to be honest, clear, engaging, and relevant. It is meant to capture the interest. SEO isn’t a relevant factor in email marketing. People don’t have much time so we don’t have to make it long and complicated. One only needs to find models and frameworks. It is just basic user-design principles.

Some tips that you can follow to create a kickass email marketing strategy

  1. Never buy an email list. People can mark your emails as spam which can damage your reputation. Try to build an organic email list. It might take some time but will be beneficial in the future.
  2. Personalise your emails – People appreciate bringing notice. When you personalize an email, it gives people a sense of familiarity. It makes the them feel value. Small gestures like these go a long way.
  3. Optimise your emails for mobile phones – More than fifty percent of emails are opened on phones. Email display should be optimized for all devices.
  4. Choose a kickass design – Your design is as important as your content. The design also communicated a message to your reader. Make sure you spend enough time on it. Always use high-quality images and keep in mind that they aren’t generic pictures that were taken off of the internet.
  5. Experiment with the subject line – Run A/B tests to see what works and what doesn’t. Experiment with different subject lines and observe the engagement metrics. This technique is a great way to measure success for your campaign.
  6. Clean your email lists – Over time you will observe that people have stopped engaging with your emails. Send them a follow-up. If there is still no response, consider removing them. This will increase your deliverability in the long run. Always make sure you have a visible unsubscribe button.
  7. Strike a conversation – Reading an email should feel like talking to a friend. If it is not a conversation, then nobody will read it. The copy should evoke emotions and make the reader feel something.
  8. Use a strong call to action – A call to action tells the users what they have to do next. You need to tell them what action to take in order for them to take that action. If a strong CTA is missing, it wouldn’t translate into desired results.

mail optimisation
How to optimize email




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