Influencer Marketing

Increase of Influencer Marketing due to lockdown

What is Influencer Marketing?

Collaboration between an influencer and a business to promote something is influencer marketing. It’s a strategy used for marketing that uses anyone with a huge dedicated following and engaged audiences to promote their products or ideas, or services.

This kind of social media marketing works because of the built-up trust that the audience and the followers have in the influencers. Their recommendations serve as proof to the Brand’s potential consumers.

Marketing is already challenging work, before influencer marketing was there, as one has to be aware of handling and attracting potential customers. Apart from figuring out the most effective and best marketing strategies, one also needs to figure out the appropriate platforms to capture the target audience’s attention. It can be quite a challenge considering the tough competition globally with many companies launching the same product.

For this, Influencer Marketing is the best option for it helps the brands and companies reach new audiences, which wouldn’t have been possible with traditional marketing. It also helps the brands in increasing their awareness of the customers and helps in giving a boost in marketing.

A great example of this Influencer marketing would be Lux, who has been using many celebrities’ influence from the beginning like Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, etc.
This is influencer marketing.

Who are these influencers?

Originally only celebrities were part of it. They always have a huge fan base and followers who take up their words as their gospel. They always follow their footsteps diligently, making it easier for them to be part of Influencer Marketing.

But today, the world is turning itself into a more digital world. Even the social content creators have started participating in influencer marketing because they’ve their dedicated following on their social media. There is a new term for them, “social media influencers.”

In the world which is so engrossed in the internet and other Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Influencer marketing has become one of the top marketing strategies used by companies and brands.

Not only those, but influencer marketing can also be seen in politics. Many political parties use the actors as the face of their parties around the election time, or sometimes they give them tickets to contest in the election. Some of the great examples of this are Hema Malini, Smiti Irani, Sunny Deol, Kirron Kher, etc.

Why does Influencer Marketing work so well? 

The answer to this is relatively easy. It brings with itself many advantages and benefits. Foremost, influencer marketing builds trust for the company or the Brand, which sets a good base for their other products or services. Influencers bring in their loyal followers, thus increasing the potential customers, which further helps in the Brand following. Its primary effect can be seen on the sales which increases by a lot.

Famous people are always looked up to and followed by their dedicated followers. Sometimes they influence people without actually trying. Many people would agree that they’ve bought at least one product because their favorite celebrity uses it. This works best for Influencer marketing.

Social media influencers, who are the latest influencer marketers, have gradually built up their following. They have a high following on social media like Instagram or Facebook or YouTube, or even Snapchat. They’ve earned their audience by the content they post and thus are called influencers. Their followers are called organic audiences, for they’re all built up by the hard work of the influencers.

Impact of lockdown on Influencer Marketing. 

Influencer Marketing had already been climbing up the list of best marketing methods, but this pandemic has brought it right up to the top. There has been an enormous increase in Influencer Marketing this lockdown.

Although Influencer marketing agencies are talking about how many brands have postponed their campaigns, there has been a high engagement on social media than the usual amount.

The agencies also see how this specific “influencers marketing” method is very much suited for this lockdown. DIY content has been especially getting more attention as it’s easy to follow at home while commercial photo shoots are canceled.

Many brand houses or companies are collaborating as a part of the “collab house” trend. This trend is new to influencer marketing and has become very popular among social media influencers which has helped them create more content. This is done by influencers going to the houses to make content and promote the Brand house, or some influencers can live together and do the same. Rihanna followed this trend when she announced that her Brand House, Fenty Beauty, will collab with TikTok. The Five TikTok influencers were chosen to stay and make content to promote the Brand. This has brought a new wave in influencer marketing during 2020.

Since the pandemic continues to thrive, people are forced to stay at home for a more extended period, due to which use of social media has been significantly increasing. Marketers have seen a massive rise in users’ engagement on the sponsored posts, which wasn’t the case before. An Influencers marketing agency claimed that at least a 76% rise in the likes on the sponsored post on Instagram in two weeks.

Due to lockdown and social distancing, not many serials or movies are being shot. Thus only old content can be seen on Television. Therefore there is nothing much they can do except being active on social media. This has affected influencer marketing directly.

Everyone is trying their luck in Influencer Marketing and turning into Influencers. Lack of employment is another reason for the high increase of Influencers in Influencer Marketing. Pandemic has affected the already lack of proper jobs, and thus, people are turning towards social media.

It easy to get into influencer marketing if you have got a decent amount of followers. They’re called Micro-Influencers. These are influencers who’ve more influence than celebrities or highly followed social media influencers. Most brands prefer them because they have a small but dedicated and loyal following which builds excellent trust and engagement. Their number increased by a lot this lockdown as there was more time to be explored by the potential followers.

Before and Aftermath of Pandemic on Influencer Marketing. 

Pandemic hit everyone hard. Brands and businesses were also not spared. Before lockdown, they experimented with different influencers, but now they have started to invest in long-term term relationships with influencers. This has helped the latter to build up trust. This has lead to an increase in the impact of the brands, this time on social media. This has further pushed them into influencer marketing.

Brands have started hiring more influencers to create content for them. They get more invested in influencer marketing because they can fill the gaps, which were left due to lockdown. Their professional and engaging content is being used for marketing mix for lesser price. This had already started happening in 2020 and will only continue to grow this year.

Corona has turned Influencer Marketing into a must-have for brands and companies. The growth of this kind of marketing has accelerated a lot during this time. It has become essential in the fast-pacing digital world. Influencer marketing has further grown in lockdown because most brands and companies have turned towards the online aspect of advertising which is quickly done if they have got the right influencers.

Content creators are being prioritized more than ever because of the high competition, increasing despite the pandemic. Consumers now follow the creators more than before with a need for good content. Watching influencer marketing working and growing this pandemic has made others see influencer marketing in a new light. It has turned it into a core or effective strategy of marketing.

Influencer Marketing has continued growing into a strategy that has become a driving force for eCommerce. It has helped social media channels to increase their online brands. It has brought forward the relationship between commerce and influencer marketing.

Brands are now working to secure authentic collaborations or partnerships for actual content to get the best result. Brands are trying to turn their loyal customers and influential followers into brand ambassadors to bring genuine realness and authenticity. This is taking influencer marketing in a new direction.

New study reports on Influencer marketing’s rising influence.

There was a new study conducted by an AI-driven influencer marketing platform called It has been found that more than half of the companies in India have taken up the influencer marketing strategy following the lockdown.

According to their report, about 78 percent of marketing leaders have leveraged influencer marketing last year, and others are slowly planning or moving towards it. What’s more interesting is that more than 50 percent of brands have engaged themselves with more than ten influencers in just last year.

Furthermore, what’s new is that after lockdown, many companies and brands have allocated separate budgets for influencer marketing. There is at least a 40 percent increase in the money or funding spent on influencer marketing compared to 2019.

More than 50 percent of respondents saw an increase in marketing spending, which directly shows the growth of trust of companies and brands in influencer marketing and their influencers for communicating their brand message to the target audiences.

Come 2021, about 58 percent of companies or brands have started to allocate separate budgets in their marketing plans for influencer marketing and their activities.

About 52 percent of companies have decided to spend more on influencer marketing than they did in 2020. About 90 percent of companies plan to spend a quarter of their total marketing budget on influencer marketing and other related activities in 2021. Even more so, more than half of the respondents are planning to increase their budget by at least 25 percent.

Influencer Marketing is at the peak of its phenomenal growth. This survey report has shown how influencer marketing has raised so many standards and how it has affected the market popularity of influencer marketing, which has grown many-fold last year.

Thus, it’s easy to say; influencer marketing is the Future of marketing.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

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What is Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing?

What is Search Engine Marketing

It is a type of online marketing where paid advertisements are used by companies or brands, which appear on search engine results pages. SEM is a very effective way to rise in the company’s presence in search engines which helps them attract highly qualified traffic to their website.

Furthermore, SEM is an act of using paid strategies to help increase search visibility. It can be called a digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of any website in the search engine results pages on the internet.

SEM is also referred to as paid search or even as pay per click (PPC). SEM is a variety of techniques or strategies a company uses to generate more visitor traffic from SERPs to their website.

SEM is just a marketing strategy that involves managing a brand or a website’s total presence in the search engines. 

The most well-known and used SEM platform is Google Ads. Bing Ads is another one of its examples. 

What does SEM entail, and what goals does it aim for?

SEM includes many different series of tools, techniques, strategies, which are all aimed to help optimize the visibility of the websites and webpages through search engine advertising. It helps them get lower costs per click and appear in the top positions, leading to maximizing the conversions derived from the ads. 

The goal of SEM is to gain a better search engine position and promote the website’s visibility using the paid search or contextual advertising or just organic search rankings on Google or other similar sites. 

Through SEM, a company seeks to appear among the top results, if not the first, when the user performs the search reacted to their brand or website. It has become a way for companies to multiply their visibility to achieve quick marketing results. 

Before, SEM was used to describe search engine optimization and paid search, but today it mainly refers to only the paid part of search marketing. 

 How does SEM work?

Advertisers or companies usually bid on the keywords that the users of the services like Bing or Google are likely to enter when looking for specific things or products or services. It gives the former the perfect opportunity for their ads to appear alongside the results for those search queries. 

For SEM, the brands or companies pay for their ads to appear on SERPs after their target selected keywords are used. The brand or company is only charged if the user clicks on the ad.

These ads can be easily found on almost every search results page. They are mainly located on the top or bottom of that page and include an “Ad” designation to let the users know that the ad is a paid placement. 

These SEM ads come in a variety of formats. They can be small text-based ads or product listing ads that are more visible and show essential information for customers like price and reviews. 

The greatest strength of SEM is the opportunity to offer the company or advertisers of putting their ads in front of the motivated consumers. They are ready to buy their products at the exact moment when they’re prepared to make a purchase. This is the reason why SEM is so effective, as no other advertising medium can do this.

How vital is SEM in today’s world of marketing?

Many people research and shop online, which keeps increasing; SEM has become a crucial online marketing strategy for expanding the brand or company’s reach. It’s a fact that most of the new visitors of a website would have found it by performing a query on the search engines. 

Through SEM, advertisers only have to pay if their ads result in visitors, making it an efficient way for the company or brand to spend their marketing budget. And another bonus on this is the increase in the website ranking in organic search results because of the visitors. 

Most consumers enter the search engines with the intention of finding information about the commercial nature, which means that they’re set on making a purchase. Thus SEM is far better and useful than other social media where consumers are not explicitly searching for something. 

SEM helps the information to reach consumers at precisely the right time. It doesn’t interrupt the user’s tasks and is non-intrusive. Also, the results with SEM are immediate and arguably the fastest way to drive traffic to any website.

Why is SEM so crucial in the marketing business?

  1. SEM can help increase brand awareness

SEM helps support brand awareness. Search ads can help increase the company or brand awareness by at least 80%. Even if one does not click the ads, the brand name is visible on the page, and users most probably will read or recognize the product or brand name when they see the ad.  

  1. SEM is accessible to small accounts

It doesn’t take much budget to advertise using SEM as there is no minimum amount to spend to run their ads. Today SEM is available to all accounts, small or big. 

  1. SEM is an excellent tool for local marketing

SEM is a great tool driving website visits and increasing conversions on any budget essential for local markets. It helps the local marketing connect to regional businesses with their surrounding communities that it services.

  1. SEM helps generates immediate outcome

SEM has the potential to deliver fast results as the average time to create and launch an ad is just around one business day. It’s not time-consuming as other forms of marketing. After ads are found, the potential to start getting clicks and sales is alive. 

  1. SEM is a consistent traffic source

Search ads can be easily used to generate consistent traffic, on the website of a brand or company, for specific keywords, which would help the advertisers control the amount of traffic that comes to their website at any time.

  1. SEM Brings in more qualified traffic 

 With SEM, advertisers can create a custom audience for themselves, most likely to see and engage in their ads. SEM helps them target specific demographics and visitors; thus, the traffic they would receive would be qualified.

  1. SEM is the quickest way to be first

SEM gives the advertisers a good chance of being at the top of SERPs if their keyword bid is high and their quality is good. It’s a good thing as ads are the first to appear in the search engine results. 

There are many other benefits of using SEM as it helps to increase the websites or brand’s online presence and generates good sales. Through SEM, advertisers can also provide informational content for the users, which they may not find at any other place. SEM can also help advertisers create their credibility and trust.

With an essential website skillset and little research, one can do some aspects of SEM on their own, if they want. SEM is a perfect way to start promoting business online in today’s digital world. 

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Today digital marketing has taken over numerous companies to concentrate on their brand image. The following are the famous brands that have set commendable digital marketing campaigns.


A leading e-commerce shoe brand has set quite a high standard for online customer care. And, the strategies that follow are quite stellar. They had introduced a policy of working with a 365-day cash back guarantee and a zero cost on return and exchanging any product. This leaves the customers to sing the praises and ultimately engage in viral marketing. Indeed, Zappos does invest in online marketing and turns the inspiring leads into potential customers. But the appealing policies presented do the job of making an online presence itself.


Time and again, companies talk about creating communities online and understanding the internal value of ‘online conversations’ and chatbots. AMEX leverages its mouth by providing industry expert suggestions on its open forum website. They serve a job where they invite several authors from various sectors to share their knowledge and wisdom. The research is a content-rich mega-site that is quite popular with search engines. Surprisingly, all of this was done without AMEX needing to shell out cash to the contributors.

The strategy we can understand here is that you do not need the content writer for your website but can hire people who do the job for you.


This finance tracking tool provides you with the idea that with well-developed marketing strategies, you can stand out amongst the daunting task which follows. Initially, it was relatively unknown amongst the numerous famous predecessors it had. But by adopting a digital marketing strategy where they initiated content writing and formed informative blog posts, it collected millions of views on their website. Putting resources in content marketing can take significant amounts of time and money. But it can substantiate a vast number of following in a short period.


Lyft is a rideshare company is based on the luxury cars that most of us dream of riding on! It is simply impeccable. It includes tapping a few buttons and booking the vehicle in which you want to go- anywhere. The services it provides are so excellent that the requisition of marketing is almost non-existent. It comes as no surprise that Lyft got famous due the word-of-mouth advertising. This kind of marketing is more engaging and converting for the audience than any other form.

So since the exceptional services provided, you can get spreads the word in no time.


Well, this shaving company has discovered the fun facts to groove up the shaving regime for you. This drab button-up industry is the out-of-the-window approach. The promotional video is truly a bang-on for the audience. It grabbed nearly 25 million times and was acquired in $1 billion by Unilever. The lesson is to have some fun in the company in whatever you do and not be afraid to experiment. And this is what stands out in people’s minds.


Marketing with affiliation can be a bit sordid nut wirecutter gives the best advice on how to do it appropriately. The Wirecutter has successfully set the standards of labeling itself as the list of gadgets it provides. This is given that people don’t have to take much time out on what to get. It has generated $150 million through e-commerce transactions. All in all, they write reviews on products they love and see a link to send the viewers on the seller’s website. This is an excellent way to function as people are keen to get honest recommendations from real people.

7. Airbnb

You must have already known about this agency that provides you with almost a million sites to stay at and has boasted over 150 million users across the globe in 2017. It created this when they realized that they couldn’t afford to rent. This clearly shows how one can establish a business based on their interest and where it lies. A good method is to generate content that people are most likely to follow and is trending to a great degree.FacebookTwitter



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The dramatic change with the usage of social media has turned this era of digital marketing as being one of the most crucial of it’s kind. This is the reason why the relationship between the brands and consumers has varied over the years. The impact of social media on marketing, if you talk about, has been nothing but an on-going boom. Starting from an MNC or a small start-up, everyone today is adopting social media as a means of marketing. How and why if you ask- the answer is right here.

Besides, earlier traditional marketing mediums like radio, advertisements, television had truly been expensive media to communicate with the target audience. However, with the use of social media the expense, the costs have descended drastically. But the time effective costs are still in hand.

Social media

It has a tremendous effect on marketing and business growth as the firms are blooming with each passing day. Through social media marketing, one can understand the likes and other preferences as well as the expectations they have from the branding company. This boosts sales growth evermore.

It is cost-efficient as stated above, but not only this, the usage of social media gives better customer insights and better customer service. This simply improves the brand image of the enterprise. Because connecting with your target audience can be easy when you are active on the channels that they use often. Businesses engaging in SMM have proved that customers are more receptive when utilized social media as a tool for marketing. Also, in accordance with a study, 95% of adults aged from 18-34 are likely to follow a brand on social media. Well, this makes the explanation quite comprehensive to understand now!

Establishing a profile is yet another way to increase website traffic as well. The introduction of shoppable posts has ascended the number of customers a business would have rather got. Also, if your business is optimized for conversions then in no time the new leads will turn into loyal customers and clients. If we seek to get the appropriate audience, then it is important to invest in publishing content that adds value to the website as well as the brand it has created.

Thus, the improvement in the quality of your content that you post on your social media channels gives you higher opportunities to engage in new leads and attempt to direct them back to your brand.

Content marketing

Social Media Content Marketing

Recently, social media content marketing has improved the performance of the firms to a great degree. Time and again, it is stated that it has become the sole source of marketing. For instance, Facebook allows you to serve your ad content to those who exhibit the same types of behaviors that your target audience does.

As you draw in more traffic to your brand site, you can improvise the outcomes,  irrespective of what your ad goals may be. When done marketing with social media it is useful to know that it helps you cut the marketing costs without compromising the results. Mostly the results you expect on your profile will come directly from investing your time in creating and publishing content as well as having conversations with your fans and potential customers.  It is surprisingly interesting to note that even spending just a few hours a week can have significant booming results.

Search engine organization

If at all you are aware of SMM then you would have probably heard of search engine optimization. Successful brands indeed tend to have a healthy social media presence. This may aid as a signal to search engines to give you more credibility and see you as more trustworthy in the competitive environment. It is interesting to note that not only does an active social media presence for marketing get your search engine rankings up but also ensures that when a customer searches for your brand, Google is most likely to show it up on the first page!

Competitor’s action

And marketing couldn’t get any more complicated because, with the competitor’s action, it already is. So no matter where you are or who your target market is, chances are that your competitors are already active on the requited social media channels. In addition to this, marketing through social media has led to high conversion rates. This means that with each post you make, and each interaction you make on social media, the opportunity to make an interesting lead into a happy customer increases. Doing this on a consistent basis can improve the creditability and make your brand more trustworthy in the eyes of the customer.

Talking about brand loyalty

Social media has a great role in improvising the brand image as well as brand loyalty in the competitive environment. Moreover, engaging with your customers in this manner helps you build better customer relationships. It has without a doubt beaten many other channels of marketing.

Also, you might be surprised to know this, but consumers are looking for recommendations on social media.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Another efficient tool that leading businesses have in their social media marketing toolbox. This is because not only is it free but also it creates trust and faith in new leads.

The rise in conversion rates

In addition to this, rates of conversion change significantly due to this tool as well. And, for all the good reasons customers are likely to buy from brands that have been recommended by their friends. Not only the recommendations do the magic for you, but even the reviews posted only are seen as true as any other recommendation from family members, friends or colleagues. They always seek these reviews out before making a purchasing decision.

Therefore, the role of social media in marketing is quite inevitable. Investing in this form of marketing can significantly boost the revenue, build better customer relations and increase the website traffic that would eventually grow your business in all aspects.

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Blooming Digital Marketing Trends In 2020

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Digital Marketing Trends

Blooming Digital Marketing Trends In 2022

Digital Marketing Trends

Isn’t it evident that Digital Marketing has been a ruling agent? In what if you ask – everything. From getting that crucial feedback from the customers with ease of tracking orders, digital marketing in 2022 has been sprouting at an alarming rate indeed.
Here, the following are the ten digital marketing most applicable and convenient measures, that you would surely want to consider for a step ahead in achieving the aims and objectives of their business in Digital Marketing.


It develops machines and processes in a way that makes them work and think like humans. A few years back, AI was a concept many firms were reluctant to. But the times have changed. It now allows the business to create and generate content for the customers, create web designs with applications like Grid. It makes the website unbeatable in much less time and with much less (human) errors!


This tool is no less than a lifesaver. We have seen it in our day-to-day lifestyle. Siri, Alexa these conversational autonomous programs are the go-to for any target market you would consider- from the ’90s to the gen z’s. This is programmed to emulate live chats and talk with consumers. Without a doubt, it is essential to build a rapport with the customers, because the competition is ever-rising and you may not be able to substantiate what your customers might want! And whether or not you can provide them with the product or service they have been aiming for. Surely, messaging is the next best conversational marketing channel.


The reason is simply endless why customization is the new marketing strategy. It is when you keep in mind the needs and preferences of your audience. This is a significant commercial benefit to the business nowadays. Harvard Business Review states that personalization (or customization) stimulates the market spending by 10-30%, along with lifting the business’s revenue by 5-15%. So if cost-saving and revenue maximization is your catch this year, then this is your go-to evasive action.


Influencers for marketing had been present for quite some time now. It is a form of marketing where key industry leaders focus on driving brand messages and spreading awareness to a specific target market.

Micro-influencers- a similar concept that has been put forward by many entrepreneurs. No wonder it has been so effective in persuading a niche market. Why so? Because in the 21st century, people are looking forward to believing opinions of people (who are considered experts) they know of, or have heard of.


Emails are inevitable, just like they were. However, marketing experts notice that the usage of emails is slowing down. However, digital marketers are reviving it with a new coat and avoid abandoning this valuable source. There is a rapid decline in those plain-text emails and monotonous newsletters. These highly polished variations do more than just flatter the audience. These emails look and function like web pages- inclusive of interactions.

But sometimes, even this is not enough for you to bloom in the competitive world. You need to go that extra mile with different visuals.


Everyone has been on a quest to understand each other’s emotions. Now with this advanced technology, we are already making progress in analyzing why customers choose what they choose.

Sentiment analysis, or what we can call social listening, is a strategic analysis that makes you hammer the fact that these online reviews, posts, and feedback are not only just black or white, there are lots and lots of grey in it. This analysis indulges in collecting data and involves algorithms that assist in evaluating online responses a business gets on a product or service.


Social commerce is no more than what you wish you had. It is now trending massively in this new-fangled era of social media. It had been a lifetime that businesses mulled over how to get their social media followers to get what they post! And now the buying pins on Pinterest or the shoppable posts on Instagram have made it- to turn their dream into reality.

Conveniently, you can refer and buy the products directly through the social media engine- without having to leave the site or app! Statistics have shown that approximately 54% of people on social media use this to research product purchases.

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Digital branding is absolutely the perfect measure to draw all of its customers online. Probably the best style to improvise your brand image and help the target audience to recognize your brand. The tactics for it are innumerable. It helps you to underline the core values of your company. It can be done by ‘going viral’, which is quite self-explanatory. But it also requires a lot of luck! But posting with consistency could surely be the key to branding.

Besides, giving customers a USP (unique selling point) would set your business apart from the rest- highlighting it in the best light. This is the ideal way as in today’s time people are more glued to their phone than they were twenty years back.

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9.SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the practice of improving and increasing the quality as well as the quantity of any business’s website. There are varying methods to do it. It could be by planning what include on the site, regularly updating the content, and optimizing different features on the website suit the algorithm of the search engine, placing it in the top rank, every time. The three types of SEO are off-page SEO, on-page SEO, and technical SEO. The analytics have proven that 74% of people use search engines to get local business information.

keywords – (Digital Marketing Trends, Digital Marketing Trends, Digital Marketing Trends,)


This app feature is accessed by a camera icon. This links an image captured in the app to the posts on Instagram, or the various pins on Pinterest.  This is a great aid to maximize customers’ attention towards numerous products.

Drawing all the strings together, the following ways are a great aid to influence digital marketing in 2022 as well as improvise it in the years commencing ahead of your business. The trends can be bent as per convenience and can be molded when taking into account the differences in needs that various brands may have.

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