Today digital marketing has taken over numerous companies to concentrate on their brand image. The following are the famous brands that have set commendable digital marketing campaigns.


A leading e-commerce shoe brand has set quite a high standard for online customer care. And, the strategies that follow are quite stellar. They had introduced a policy of working with a 365-day cash back guarantee and a zero cost on return and exchanging any product. This leaves the customers to sing the praises and ultimately engage in viral marketing. Indeed, Zappos does invest in online marketing and turns the inspiring leads into potential customers. But the appealing policies presented do the job of making an online presence itself.


Time and again, companies talk about creating communities online and understanding the internal value of ‘online conversations’ and chatbots. AMEX leverages its mouth by providing industry expert suggestions on its open forum website. They serve a job where they invite several authors from various sectors to share their knowledge and wisdom. The research is a content-rich mega-site that is quite popular with search engines. Surprisingly, all of this was done without AMEX needing to shell out cash to the contributors.

The strategy we can understand here is that you do not need the content writer for your website but can hire people who do the job for you.


This finance tracking tool provides you with the idea that with well-developed marketing strategies, you can stand out amongst the daunting task which follows. Initially, it was relatively unknown amongst the numerous famous predecessors it had. But by adopting a digital marketing strategy where they initiated content writing and formed informative blog posts, it collected millions of views on their website. Putting resources in content marketing can take significant amounts of time and money. But it can substantiate a vast number of following in a short period.


Lyft is a rideshare company is based on the luxury cars that most of us dream of riding on! It is simply impeccable. It includes tapping a few buttons and booking the vehicle in which you want to go- anywhere. The services it provides are so excellent that the requisition of marketing is almost non-existent. It comes as no surprise that Lyft got famous due the word-of-mouth advertising. This kind of marketing is more engaging and converting for the audience than any other form.

So since the exceptional services provided, you can get spreads the word in no time.


Well, this shaving company has discovered the fun facts to groove up the shaving regime for you. This drab button-up industry is the out-of-the-window approach. The promotional video is truly a bang-on for the audience. It grabbed nearly 25 million times and was acquired in $1 billion by Unilever. The lesson is to have some fun in the company in whatever you do and not be afraid to experiment. And this is what stands out in people’s minds.


Marketing with affiliation can be a bit sordid nut wirecutter gives the best advice on how to do it appropriately. The Wirecutter has successfully set the standards of labeling itself as the list of gadgets it provides. This is given that people don’t have to take much time out on what to get. It has generated $150 million through e-commerce transactions. All in all, they write reviews on products they love and see a link to send the viewers on the seller’s website. This is an excellent way to function as people are keen to get honest recommendations from real people.

7. Airbnb

You must have already known about this agency that provides you with almost a million sites to stay at and has boasted over 150 million users across the globe in 2017. It created this when they realized that they couldn’t afford to rent. This clearly shows how one can establish a business based on their interest and where it lies. A good method is to generate content that people are most likely to follow and is trending to a great degree.

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